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At Journey Softly, we work with you plan cultural immersions and gentle adventures across the globe, always with an eye toward keeping you healthy and safe. We have experienced travel partners in more than 100 countries and can answer questions about almost any destination on your bucket list!


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what omicron means for international travel – part 4

what omicron means for international travel – part 4

As expected, the Omicron situation has evolved significantly since my December 31 post.  By that time we had seen a decline in the South Africa COVID-19 curve, while the U.S. and UK cases were still rising rapidly. We were waiting for the UK curve to begin to drop as...

what omicron means for international travel – part 3

what omicron means for international travel – part 3

So much has changed from my “part 1” post on November 30 and “part 2” post on December 15.  The world is facing some harsh realities as Omicron spreads rapidly around the world, with cases doubling every two days in countries where the latest variant has taken root. ...

what omicron means for international travel – part 2

what omicron means for international travel – part 2

Shortly after Thanksgiving weekend, I posted all of the “knowns” and “unknowns” about the Omicron variant and how it might impact your plans for overseas travel in the months ahead.  We have learned more about Omicron in the past two weeks. Given my international risk...

what omicron means for international travel

what omicron means for international travel

Global financial markets went through a downward frenzy on Friday following the revelation that the Omicron variant has been identified in many countries.  The panic extended to international travel as dozens of countries banned nationals from Southern Africa to try...


from those who know us best…


“In my nearly two decades working with Rick and his colleagues, (he) became my most trusted adviser in terms of international travel. Simply put, Rick is in a category of his own.”

Bertrand Guillotin

Temple University (formerly Duke University)


“We relied heavily on Rick’s strong destination knowledge, attentiveness to our needs and his top notch crisis management skills. He helped us identify and plan for contingencies we had not thought of, providing us with peace of mind.”

Kristen Hammar

Yale University

attention to detail

“Rick planned trips for my two teenagers to Israel and West Bank/Palestine including homestays with local families. My son’s trip ran smoothly due to Rick’s expertise and dedication. Unfortunately my daughter’s trip was cancelled due to COVID-19. Rick did an amazing job explaining contingency plans (and) worked on our behalf to secure 100% refund for all trip costs.”

Leanne Drennan

Hands of Peace community member


“Whenever Laura is involved in a program, I know that the planning will go smoothly. Even if we run into unforeseen circumstances while traveling, Laura always knows about it and communicates options to safely resolve the issues. Laura’s years of experience, organizational skills, and ability to connect with her clients is a tremendous asset to anyone planning once in a lifetime trips.”

Thomas Ward

The University of Texas at Austin

personalized experiences

“Alexandra’s knowledge and attention to her clients helped me to expand our travel portfolio across six continents and over 25 countries. I highly recommend her without reservation to create a memorable and unique travel experience.”

Natalie Jones

Montclair State University

your travel experts

rick rosenfeld

Rick has more than 20 years of experience planning gentle adventures and cultural immersions for discerning travelers, always with an eye toward health and safety. He works with talented partners in more than 100 countries around the world. Rick plans your journeys as artfully as his own personal vacations, and lives vicariously through each client’s customized adventures.

laura bunch

Laura began planning international trips for universities in 2005 and has always had a knack for finding the perfect cultural events and adventures to supplement their academic programs. Because of her strong work ethic and attention to detail, Laura has built long-term friendships with many of her clients and looks forward to working with you on your ideal escape.

alexandra edwards

Alex has been passionate about travelling since working for a travel agency in her native Brazil in 2004. She took her passion to a whole new level when she began planning international experiences for U.S. university students from 2012 to 2019. Alex works tirelessly to ensure her clients have memorable experiences every time they travel and will go above and beyond in helping you craft your next once-in-a-lifetime adventure abroad.

lindsey molusky

Lindsey had never flown in an airplane until she was a senior in college, when she traveled to Melbourne, Australia for study abroad. She hasn’t stopped flying since. Traveling so far from home and being amongst such a diverse, multicultural student body, opened her eyes and heart to many new experiences and people. Now, Lindsey has nearly 20 years of travel industry experience and has traveled with group clients to destinations as diverse as Vietnam, Croatia, and Dubai.