plan now, book later

build your dream trip today for when travel reopens

With uncertainty in terms of when international travel will return to normal, you are likely getting restless. Why not plan your next journey now, while waiting to book specific dates until the COVID-19 path becomes more clear? Normally, Journey Softly charges a $500 planning fee per trip with half of that applied to your trip cost. But because different destinations will become viable at different times, we are strongly encouraging our clients to plan TWO trips now to different parts of the world. That way, if you plan escapes to Brazil and to Japan, you will be more prepared to book if one of your destinations reopens for travel sooner.  As our contribution to getting the travel industry back on its feet, we will plan both trips for a single $500 planning fee with $250 of that fee being applied to whichever trip you take first. There will be no additional planning fee when it comes time to book that second trip.  

As part of our planning services, we can assist you with destination selection and itinerary development based on the length of your trip and interests. We will work collaboratively to identify activities, tours, and potential hotels to meet your needs. Once we have your draft itineraries developed, we will then adjust and tweak it once the pandemic allows you to move forward with booking. And you will already have the outline for a second trip in your pocket for a later date. This is an exciting and fun process! Let’s get started!!


Photos: Ashford Castle, County Mayo, Ireland; Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Himeji Castle, Hyogo, Japan



“Rick became my most trusted adviser in terms of international travel.”

Bertrand G.

“Laura always incorporates authentic experiences to match the interests of our group.”

Thomas W.

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Kristen H.

“Alex has an eye for details, personalized experiences, and day to day coordination.”

Natalie J.

“Laura brings a personal and thoughtful touch to all of our engagements.”

Deirdre O.